Comments Manager for Excel 1.0: View, edit and manage all comments in your worksheets quickly and easily Comments Manager for Excel 1.0

comment contents to the cell. Use Comments Manager to: - Enter and edit comments on the add-in pane - Get the list of all your comments on the pane - Delete and copy comments to another location - Add comment text to the cell or cell contents to the comment - Replace cell contents with comment text or vice versa - Insert picture, author, date or time - Copy comments to a new workbook - Easily navigate among the comments The add-in works with Microsoft

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Comment laser 2.1

Comment laser will do this in about 10 minutes! Comment laser as the name suggests has a built in myspace commenter! But not just any commenter, This one lets you sort your friends by say location or any other demographic and target exactly the friends that will be intrested in the comment your sending! It also lets you send messages in exactly the same way. Other commenters such as FriendBlaster that use the scatergun approach look archaic by comparison

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iComment 2.0: The Single Button That Turns Every Web Page Into A Huge Discussion Board & Chat

iComment 2.0

Comment single browser button that lets you read and write comments all over the Web. You can write on any web page, profile page, anywhere! Comments can be public or private (just shared with specific buddies). iComment is a free button for Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can download it at or take the quick tour and see how it works at With the button installed, you can read comments from others

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XCommentPro V1.054: Powerful comment script and rating script adds professionalism to any web site

XCommentPro V1.054

CommentPro sets a new benchmark in the world of comment script and rating script interaction for your web pages. No other comments script system offers such a comprehensive feature-set, yet in a package that makes adding this user generated content such a quick and easy process. This is much more than a simple HTML or PHP comment script. It is a fully-featured downloadable application that gives you the power to add not only commenting but also rating

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G-Lock Blog Finder 3.2.2: G-Lock Blog Finder is no-spam, search engine friendly blog commenting tool

G-Lock Blog Finder 3.2.2

comments. Some blogs are set so that the commentator gets a DoFollow link after minimum 5 or 10 approved comments. So, there is a mix of DoFollow and NoFollow links in comments on the blog. Plus, using Fast Blog Finder you can determine the domain PageRank and page PageRank of found blogs. It could take hours to find the blogs and make just a couple of comments. Now it takes a few minutes. You simply click the blog`s link, write a comment, and click

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eMarking Assistant 1.74: eMarking Assistant saves time providing feedback on graded papers & assignments

eMarking Assistant 1.74

comments containing text, images, links, and tables and then to pick these from floating toolbars to insert into student assignments. The comments can also contain audio comments which are recorded directly into Word and embedded in the Word document. These reusable comments can be saved to comment banks and distributed to others. Comment banks can also be harvested from a folder of assignments that have been marked using Word track changes and Word

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Blog Comment Poster 1: Automatic blog commenter software Blog Comment Poster submits comments to blogs

Blog Comment Poster 1

Automatic blog commenter software Blog Comment Poster submits comments to blogs and builds backlinks.Right after releasing Trackback Submitter software (which became world`s most popular automatic trackback posting tool), I was flooded with emails from happy webmasters asking for more backlinks building tools. Finally, after months of testing and careful research, outstanding and ultramodern software Blog Comment Poster was released to the public

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YouTube Comments Poster 4.0: Automatic social marketing software YouTube Comments Poster

YouTube Comments Poster 4.0

Comments Poster also supports unlimited marketing campaigns, user profiles, keyword lists, comment messages and proxy servers, therefore you can achieve goals easier by using different strategies for each product or service promoted. YouTube Comments Poster is 100% automatic marketing solution and does not require any user interaction; as soon as you setup marketing campaigns and customize advanced settings (optional), the software starts working

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VSdocman 5.4: Code Commenter and Generator of Class Documentation for VB .NET and C#

VSdocman 5.4

comments or JavaDoc comments in your .NET source code. * Take advantage of its sophisticated WYSIWYG comment editor which helps you write your XML comments. * Easily insert clickable class diagrams, tables, lists, pictures, links and other formatting directly in your source code. * Generate professional documentation in multiple and localizable output formats - HTML, CHM, MS Help Viewer, Help2, RTF, Help & Manual, XML. * Fully integrate generated

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Scott`s JPEG Commenter 1.1: GUI JPEG / JPG comment editor, exporer-like interface w/ thumbnail preview

Scott`s JPEG Commenter 1.1

Scott`s JPEG commenter is a user-friendly application designed to help you edit comments in jpeg (or .jpg) files. The program provides a user-friendly explorer-like interface with a thumbnail preview viewer. Scott`s JPEG commenter is free for noncommercial use, and supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.

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